Thursday, February 3, 2011


I like to consider myself a pretty fashion-forward person. But teaching has given me an entirely new appreciation for kids' fashions. I still remember my outfit for the first day of school in third grade. I was starting a new school and wanted to make a good impression, so I meticulously laid out my outfit the night before: pink shorts to compliment a glitter tie-dyed shirt. True story. I thought that this outfit was so amazing that I wore it at least once a week. I am pretty sure that it was from JC Penny or Bealls, our only two options at the time.

When I got to high school, I decided to step it up. My freshman year I spent my entire back-to-school allowance on two outifts: one was a Pepe Jeans t-shirt and Girbaud shorts, and the second was head-to-toe Guess. Now the kids I teach wear Ugg boots and Burberry scarves. I was teaching basketball and soccer relays to a group of 2nd graders when one girl refused to take off her floor length coat. After I complimented it, she thanked me and added "It was $200." Really, Suri Cruise?! Is it bad when the kids I teach have better clothes than I do?

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