Thursday, December 9, 2010


Gift giving is a completely different event for men and women. I am not trying to make generalizations - just sharing some of my personal experience. My husband and I just celebrated our second anniversary together last month, and the traditional second anniversary gift is cotton. I scoured stores and websites looking for the ultimate present that was both sentimental and practical. I decided on his and her monogramed bath sheets (not to be confused with normal towels - these are twice as big...and twice as expensive). A friend once left their own bath sheet in our car after a river trip, and we liked it so much that we never returned it. Oops.

I was feeling very proud of myself when I returned home on Sunday with my bag of towels stowed safely in the back of my car. Around 4:30pm that same day, Barrett announces that he needs to run up to the "office" for a few hours. Keep in mind that our anniversary is the very next day - Monday. On his way out the door, I remind him that the mall closes at 6:00 on Sundays, so he better hustle. Thankfully, we had done a walk through Nordstrom a few weekends before and I had pointed out things that would make good gifts. "These shoes would be cute in a size 8..."

Monday arrives and our new bath sheets are proudly displayed on the towel rack. I lead him to the bathroom, where he is clearly impressed by my thoughtfulness but looks a little skeptical. He says, "Can we use them or are they for display only? Because I couldn't use the last towels that were there..." I assure him that yes, he can use these towels. He then presents me with my gift - Tory Burch flats, size 8. Even if they are not cotton, they are just what I always wanted :)

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