Friday, November 19, 2010

Pre-K Part I

I love teaching younger kids. Not only are they adorable, but they love to come to school everyday and idolize their Teachers (and Substitute Teachers).  On this particular day, I arrived in the classroom shortly before noon and looked over the lesson plan. We would have rest time at noon, followed by a snack, a story, an arts and crafts project, and then recess. Sweet!

After recess one of the little girls, my 'Informer,' told me on her way inside that, "Ronald* smells like poo." Sure enough, Ronald was one of the last children to enter the classroom and was walking with his back against the wall. I pulled him aside as the other kids were getting settled and asked, "Ronald, did you have an accident?" He nodded his head unabashedly, and I told him to go into the restroom adjacent to the classroom. I popped my head in the Teacher's classroom next door where we shared a Teacher's Assistant (TA), told her what happened, and she said that she would be over shortly to walk Ronald to the Nurse.

About two minutes later, the bathroom door swings open and Ronald appears with his pants around his ankles. A distinct smell follows him into the classroom, drawing the attention of the other students, who begin laughing hysterically while pointing and saying, "Ronald smells like poo!" I try to coerce Ronald to put his pants back on while desperately trying to find the TA next door only to be told that, "She already left - she must have forgot." WHAT??? How can you forget something like this?! Now is also a good time to mention that this is also about the time that dismissal starts, so parents are lining up outside of the classroom to witness their children chanting, "Ronald smells like poo!" Finally, the nurse comes to the classroom to escort Ronald away, and as I watched him leave I could only hope that this incident would not follow him into high school.
*Names changed for obvious reasons

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